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社區集群(Community Cluster)

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社區集群(Community Cluster)是指兩個或兩個以上治理單位(Governmental Units)依本章規定所設立的聯合行使職權的社區合作單位。

舉例: 社區集群說明
社區集群五個委員會人類住區委員會健康社會發展和幼兒發展委員會社區服務委員會安全與安保委員會。 這些委員會發揮監督作用(即,他們負責「確保系統有效率且有效地運作)」、制定政策並監督其投資組合領域內的實施情況。

另社區集群的制定政策與投資組合,可藉由「社區配比基金」 (Community Matching Fund)結合全球與台灣CES社區貨幣/時間銀行系統網絡(例如社區即是最好良藥》系統網絡),賦能社區建立與強化跨度社會資本環境資本文化資本的社區永續發展目標(SDG/ESG)的創新應用。而非只是單靠傳統經濟資本以「現金直接撥付」(Cash Transfer)的計劃項目模式。

Note: 請另參 聚類分析亦稱為集群分析  (Cluster Analysis); 及「配比基金」(Matching Fund)相𨶺文章。

Community Cluster means a cooperative community unit established pursuant to this chapter for the joint exercise of powers by two or more Governmental Units.

Examples of Community cluster in a sentence
The five committees in the Community cluster are Human Settlements, Health Social Development & Early Childhood Development, Community Services, and Safety & Security. These committees play an oversight role (i.e. they are responsible for ‘making sure that the system works efficiently and effectively), formulate policy, and monitor implementation within their portfolio area.


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