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什麼是「共同生產」 (Co-Production)

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「共同生產」 (Co-Production) 在「公共服務」(Public Services)領域的專有名詞解釋為: “…共同生產是提供公共服務的一種慣例,公民參與其中,共同參與製定公共政策和服務。它與基於交易的服務提供方法形成對比,在這種方法中,公民消費由政府構想和提供的公共服務。除公共部門外,還可以在私營和非營利部門進行共同生產。與傳統的公民參與不同,公民不僅要諮詢公民,而且是服務的概念,設計,指導和管理的一部分。…” 原英文請參以下來源:

“… Co-production is a practice in the delivery of public services in which citizens are involved in the creation of public policies and services. It is contrasted with a transaction based method of service delivery in which citizens consume public services which are conceived of and provided by governments. Co-production is possible in the private and non-profit sectors in addition to the public sector. In contrast with traditional citizen involvement, citizens are not only consulted, but are part of the conception, design, steering, and management of services…”  Source:

Co-Production in Wikipedia 尚有在其它兩種不同領域的定義:

Co-Production (media), a joint venture between film, television, or other production companies

Co-Production (Society), a form of knowledge production based on the dynamic interaction between technology and society; where technical experts and other groups come together, with their different ways of viewing and analyzing the world and, in the process, generate new knowledge and technologies.[1] It has a long history, particularly arising out of radical theories of knowledge in the 1970s and, beyond science and technology studies, is often applied to public services and administration and forms the basis of participatory development.



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