《國家的核心 (CORE): 社區復興的6個相互關聯的組成構件》

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《國家的核心 (CORE): 社區復興的6個相互關聯的組成構件》(National CORE (CORE) Six Interconnected Components of Community Renaissance)

Source: https://nationalcore.org/core-concept/

筆者前言:  近期,因著與一位年輕人從十年前,選擇投入太陽能建置與維運行業,算是筆者第一次與年輕世代面對面正視這可能最重要的全球永續發展目標之一。當然,也不意外,在與其相關產業夥伴訪談的過程當中, 尤其是相關於 “AI/ML 在環境資本/足跡控管 … 如何進一步與 AI/ML with Blockchain 在區域/社區社會資本/足跡的控管結合應用議題“後,這位年輕人也開始慢慢會問一些基本但非常關鍵的問題。例如: 《什麼是「社區組織」?》(What is Community Organization?) 或「基於社區的組織」(Community Based Organization)。所以,一回來趕快先補充了這個問答集(FAQs)

再加上,搜集翻譯這篇《國家的核心 (CORE): 社區復興的6個相互關聯的組成構件》(National CORE (CORE) Six Interconnected Components of Community Renaissance)文章,除了已經搜集整理的《社區工具箱 by University of Kansas》與相關文章之外,以強化以社區/社群資源規劃的理論,建模,系統開發與營運論述。


    1. List of Sustainable Development Goals, Targets and Indicators (可持續發展17項目標, 169項細項/子目標232項指標清單): 17 Goals, with 169 Targets and 232 Unique Indicators (Also refer to https://sdg-tracker.org/)
    2. 社區工具箱 by University of Kansas》, Kansas, USA
    3. 中小微型企業 (MSME) 及其在實現可持續發展目標 (SDG) 中的作用》(Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) and their role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs))
    4. 聖經與可持續發展目標: 17 天 – 17 個目標 – 17 個聖經反思 – 17 個項目 – 17 個行動》(The Bible and the SDGs: 17 DAYS – 17 GOALS – 17 BIBLE REFLECTIONS – 17 PROJECTS – 17 ACTIONS)
    5. 增加社區貨幣流通:用適當的核心資源支持它》(Increase Community Currency Circulation: Back It with Appropriate Core Resources)
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最後,《白石CES時間銀行社群雲》(KCE2CES Community Cloud) 致力於全年無休《誠如台灣總統盃黑客松》社區/社群創新實踐模式! 歡迎來自台灣與台灣以外的法人/自然人單位,一起來參予實踐「e 起共善經濟」!  因為,在這裏,我們沒有提案截止日,只有致力社區/社群SDGs永續創新! 歡迎您的法人或是自然人單位,同樣在致力邁進聯合國永續發展目標 (UN Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs 17) 創新管理最後一哩路: 社區/社群單位者,與我們聯絡


英中參照閱讀:National CORE (CORE) Six Interconnected Components of Community Renaissance | 國家的核心 (CORE): 社區復興的6個相互關聯的組成構件


National CORE (CORE) Six Interconnected Components of Community Renaissance
Source: National CORE (CORE) Six Interconnected Components of Community Renaissance


Building the Future of Community

The Community Renaissance Concept builds foundations in challenged neighborhoods that address housing social service and educational needs and a range of community development gaps essential to long-term personal and community growth.

Unlike traditional community redevelopment concepts, which focus mainly on physical infrastructure and some economic development, Community Renaissance mainly focuses on the long-term transformational impact on people and neighborhoods.

National CORE (CORE) has identified six interconnected components of Community Renaissance. With an effective coordination effort that leverages resources and expert partnerships, the combined impact is greater than the sum of the distinct initiatives.




National CORE (CORE) 已經確定了社區復興的六個相互關聯的組成部分。通過利用資源和專傢伙伴關係的有效協調工作,綜合影響大於不同舉措的總和。

Developing, preserving and investing in the physical environment

Safe, high-quality shelter is an essential building block to a better life, creating the necessary environment to move people from dependency to self-sufficiency. CORE’s national award-winning communities provide those with the greatest need a place they can proudly call home.

1. 住房

安全、優質的住所是改善生活的重要組成部分,為人們從依賴轉變為自給自足創造了必要的環境。 CORE 屢獲殊榮的全國性社區為最需要的人提供了一個他們可以自豪地稱之為家的地方。

Improving access to quality education

Breaking the cycle of dependency requires a supportive educational environment, providing the tools needed to succeed in an increasingly demanding and competitive job market. CORE’s Hope through Housing Foundation provides preschool and afterschool programs, family financial literacy training and other support services designed to give children and their families a fighting chance. In addition, our partnerships and strong relationships with school districts ensure that we’re in alignment with the demands of 21st century education.

2. 教育

打破依賴循環需要一個支持性的教育環境,提供在日益苛刻和競爭激烈的就業市場中取得成功所需的工具。 CORE’s Hope through Housing Foundation 提供學前和課後計劃、家庭金融知識培訓和其他支持服務,旨在為兒童及其家庭提供一個奮鬥的機會。此外,我們與學區的伙伴關係和牢固關係確保我們與 21 世紀教育的需求保持一致。

Stimulating economic activity

Well-designed, well-managed housing is a catalyst for economic growth, encouraging others to invest in the community, uplifting property values and – in the Community Renaissance model – providing the support for people to improve their lives and change their socioeconomic status. CORE has earned national recognition as a leader and innovator in workforce housing, building live-work and transit-oriented developments that allow our residents to maximize their revenue-earning potential.

3. 經濟增長

精心設計、管理良好的住房是經濟增長的催化劑,鼓勵他人投資社區,提升房產價值,並在社區復興模式中為人們改善生活和改變社會經濟地位提供支持。 CORE 作為勞動力住房的領導者和創新者贏得了全國的認可,建設以生活工作和公共交通為導向的開發項目,使我們的居民能夠最大限度地發揮創收潛力。

Fostering healthy environments

The correlation between healthy living and personal success is undeniable. Conversely, poverty, lack of education and inadequate shelter are a prescription for poor health and are all major contributors to our nation’s health-care crisis. It is a burden we all share. Fitness centers, wellness programs and partnerships with health-care organizations allow CORE and Hope to make healthy living an integral part of the total living package.

4. 健康與保健

健康生活和個人成功之間的相關性是不可否認的。相反,貧困、缺乏教育和住房不足是健康狀況不佳的良方,都是導致我們國家醫療保健危機的主要因素。這是我們大家共同的負擔。健身中心、健康計劃以及與醫療保健組織的合作使 CORE 和 Hope 能夠使健康生活成為整個生活計劃中不可或缺的一部分。

Providing livable and safe neighborhoods

The “Broken Windows Theory” is more than that. It is based in statistics and fact – regardless of income levels, a rental community that is well maintained and managed will experience less crime than one that is not. This has far-reaching impact on the community at large, encouraging businesses to come in, increasing overall property values and reducing law-enforcement costs. At CORE, we support this by providing onsite property management and working closely with local police departments to provide the safest living environment possible.

5. 公共安全

破窗效應理論”不止於此。它基於統計數據和事實——無論收入水平如何,一個維護和管理良好的出租社區將比沒有的社區遭受更少的犯罪。這對整個社區產生了深遠的影響,鼓勵企業進入,提高整體財產價值並降低執法成本。在 CORE,我們通過提供現場物業管理並與當地警察部門密切合作來提供最安全的生活環境來支持這一點。

Focusing on transit-oriented developments and proximity to schools and medical facilities

Where and how a housing development is built can have a transformational impact on a community’s – as well as a region’s – quality of life. Design efficiencies, access to public transportation and proximity to schools, churches and medical facilities can lower our carbon footprint, reduce congestion and create a greater sense of community. CORE is a nationally recognized innovator in all of the above, building well-situated, environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art communities.

6. 環境與基礎設施

住房開發的地點和方式可以對社區以及地區的生活質量產生變革性影響。設計效率、公共交通便利以及靠近學校、教堂和醫療設施可以降低我們的碳足跡,減少擁堵並創造更大的社區意識。 CORE 在上述所有方面都是全國公認的創新者,致力於建設地理位置優越、環境友好、最先進的社區。